Tuesday, May 17, 2011

End Times Encouragement

Some people are anxious about the "end times". A certain California pastor is predicting that the "tribulations" and "rapture" as mentioned in the Bible's Book of Revelaition will happen this weekend, May 21, 2011.  I want to offer some reassurance and peace instead, as I believe Jesus would have me do.  Not all Christians are convinced; I am not.

Years ago I remember that sort of anxiety while trying to get out of Major League Baseball's Angel Stadium in a big crowd. I didn't know how to interpret the signs toward the exits - but as long as I kept my eye on my father's green windbreaker, I knew I'd be okay. I was okay. So, in terms of "end times", I am keeping my eyes on my Heavenly Father's green windbreaker... God's  love.   I am not in fear of what people predict.

My dad is the one on the far right.  I'm the dorky kid on the far right, in the middle row.  We were the Brookhurst LL Angels, a long time ago - 1964.  I miss my dad...

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